Understanding Self-Harm

Understanding Self-Harm


Self-harm can be a very difficult topic to talk about, especially if you’re not already acquainted with it. It’s heavily stigmatised, not really talked about and sad to think of.  For a lot of people, it’s a coping mechanism.  For others, it’s something to be kept quiet.  It hurts the person doing it, it hurts the loved ones who know that person is doing it and ultimately it doesn’t help anyone.

So why do it?

Here are a collection of links to help you understand self-harm.  Alex and Cheryl crack the topic wide open and lay bare it’s very nature: why people do it, why it helps them and how to support someone going through it.  Take a moment to read.

About Self-Harm
  • Part 1: The Basics – check this post out to find out some of the basics behind self-harm.  It’s not just cutting, after all.
  • Part 2: A Way of Coping – for many, it is a way of coping…but why?  What does it do?
  • Part 3: Attention – many say it is for attention but is it?  Alex disagrees.  Find out why here!
  • Part 4: How to Help – if someone you know is self-harming, what can you do to help them?
  • Part 5: Control – contrary to popular belief, self-harm has elements of control to it.  What elements?  Click to find out.
  • Part 6: Alternatives – what are some of the alternatives we can try?
  • Talking Things Through – getting those conversations going is important.  How do we start talking about it?  This series will help you do that.
  • The Series – check out the other series written by Pushing Back the Shadows.
Alex’s Experiences
  • Alex’s Journey – Alex’s journey as he struggles with depression, anxiety and insomnia, including the path of self-harm.
  • Pills and Blades – another extract from Alex’s account of his personal self-harming.
From Others
  • The Parent of a Self-Harmer a featured article written by Theresa Larsen, this post talks about her son’s self-harm and gives us that other perspective.
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