The Founder’s Favourites

From the Founder

Since launching this website, I’ve written lots of posts.  Originally based on my own experiences, the aim was to bring encouragement and explanations to those who needed them most.  Friends, family members who were struggling to support their loved ones or people going through the darkness, needing support.

As I’ve continued writing, I’ve found a few posts that have become fast favourites of mine, posts that I’d love to share with you.  I shall list them below for you but do also check out our ensemble of encouragement as well, for the best of our support posts.

The Founder’s Favourites
  • Mask and Masquerades – everyone wears a mask, it’s what we do.  Why do people wear masks when surrounded by friends or family though?  Check out Alex’s take on that here.
  • Jeremy – The Interview – I had the privilege of interviewing a really good friend of mine about his struggles with depression.  An honest, heartfelt and moving interview, Jeremy gave me a wonderful account of his mental health struggles.
  • Before the Morning – why did I choose to blog?  What gave me hope when there seemed to be none?  Look at what inspired Alex to found Pushing Back the Shadows.
  • Safety Zone – the first of our guest posts, written by Ara, she talks about how she supported Alex and others through their mental health struggles.  A unique and interesting take on the Friends and Family category.
  • A Little Inspiration – Cheryl’s Editor’s Corner is full of excellent posts such as these!
  • The Onus – We’re Here For You – how often do we tell someone we are there for them and then leave it at that?  Here is one of Alex’s biggest bugbears, one that you might be familiar with.
  • Glowsticks – A Light In the Dark – sometimes we have to break before we can shine.
  • How To Help Friends and Family – another wonderful guest post by Theresa Larsen, it talks from the perspective of a parent of someone who self-harms.  A brilliant post that brought me a new insight.
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