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Self-care really sounds quite selfish, doesn’t it?  And yet, for everyone, it is a crucial element of maintaining that healthy lifestyle.  Practising self-care can be difficult.  We can be so good at looking after others but absolutely hopeless at looking after ourselves.  To help you with this, we have assembled a collection of our favourite posts to help you practise successful self-care.

Successful Self-Care Tips

Practising Self-Care – in this video, Alex talks about the importance of self-care and some of the different ways in which he practises it.  Even though successful self-care is difficult, he has some great suggestions!

Top Tips for Self-Care – guest blogger Brad Krause, author of, provides us with his top tips for successful self-care.  The best part?  There’s a little something for everyone in this post, not just those with mental health struggles.

How Can I Be More Resilient? – resilience feels like an important aspect of self-care, doesn’t it?  It’s something that we feel we need to improve so that we can bounce back from whatever life is throwing at us.  In this post, Cheryl talks about how she feels she can be more resilient.

Taking Back Control – episode 22 of the PBTS Podcast looks at taking back control in our struggles.  Sometimes successful self-care is all about controlling the aspects of our lives that we can control and accepting the ones we can’t.  As Alex takes you through this, why not take a listen?

The Power of Resting – resting is another crucial element in successful self-care, one that we should all take time to practise.  Even if you can’t sleep, though – as Alex struggles to with his insomnia – then you can still find that rest in other ways.

Time Out – part 5 of our Practically Perfect series talks about the importance of taking time out from your hectic and busy schedules and making time for yourselves.  Why not give it a go?

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