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Books and eBooks

As an author, Alex runs the Pushing Back the Shadows blog but he has also released a book with more titles upcoming.  Check it out below!

Pills and Blades

Pills and Blades Cover PhotoPills and Blades takes you on Alex’s journey with depression, anxiety and insomnia, giving you access to his darkest moments, his deepest struggles and his all-time lows. Fraught with pain, emptiness and trials, he gives his honest account of how mental health has affected him, how it cost him his job but how there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He talks about Pushing Back the Shadows, the company he has set up to combat mental health stigma and bring understanding, awareness and support to the world of mental health and those supporting the people struggling.

Available in either Kindle eBook or paperback formats!

“Pills and Blades is a brutally honest account of one man’s journey as he’s come to terms with his depression, how it’s affected him and how his experiences have driven him to speak out about the stigma and struggles he’s faced.  Beautifully written,  this book shines a light on the rising prevalence of mental health issues and how even in this modern world of connectivity and information, sufferers are often isolated and disconnected because people are too afraid to start the conversation.  An excellent read that will certainly get you thinking.”
– Amazon Customer

“Short and gripping is how I’d describe it. This is no glamorous book with a happy ending: it’s a real adventure that Alex has shared with the world and he has a way of speaking to his audience. It’s sad and gritty and gets to the point of mental health in a way that we all need to hear. I was sucked into his story and happily joined him for a ride. It’s a well told story with an important message. I highly recommend it.”
– Ara