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Hi! I’m Cheryl, the editor for Pushing Back the Shadows and I’d like to welcome you to the Editor’s Corner page. As well as editing for Alex, I also contribute as a writer. Each week I bring you what I think is the best content from the blog along with my thoughts on mental health issues and snippets of my own journey through depression.  Click the banner above to see the latest in my Editor’s Corner!

Below you’ll find a selection of my top posts to inspire, encourage or inform you. Happy reading!

Cheryl’s Journey

1. First Day Fears

Nervous woman.
Going back to work after extended sick leave is difficult. Cheryl tackles those first day fears here!

2. Educating Employers

Business meeting.
After a disastrous return to work, is it time we educated employers in matters of mental health?  Shouldn’t people be able to return to work smoothly?

3. Fumbling Through

Life is crushing me.
Sometimes we just feel like we’re fumbling through, not really getting anywhere. Depression and anxiety leaves me feeling like a mess.

4. Time To Talk

It’s Time to Talk about mental health, something that I believe needs to be happening in our personal lives, our workplaces and everywhere else.

5. Got to Fight For It

P!nk: If you want it bad enough you have to be willing to fight for it.
If we want the change that we’re talking about, if we want things put in place for our mental health, we need to fight for those changes!

6. We Are Accountable and Responsible

A man passing the buck.
It isn’t the start of a bank advert: we are actually responsible for everything that we do or don’t do.
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