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Support for friends and family is something that can be extremely lacking.  Whenever people talk about mental health, the emphasis is placed on supporting the person going through the struggle but what about their friends, their family?  If 1 in 4 people struggle with mental health issues, what about the 3 in 4 who know them?

On this page, you’ll find our top posts for friends and family, equipping you with information to better understand their mental health conditions, tips to better support them and encouragement for your daily struggles.  You can also check out the Friends and Family category for our latest posts.

I Want to Know More About Mental Health
How Can I Support Them Better?
Real Life Stories from Real Life People
  • The Harrowing Void – a glimpse into one of Alex’s bad days and how depression affected him.
  • The Interviews – a collection of stories and testimonies from people involved in mental health struggles.
I Need a Little Encouragement
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