An Ensemble of Encouragement

Encouragement for the Darkest Days

If you’re like me, you frequently get discouraged.  When life throws you a curveball, your depression catches it and turns that mountain into a molehill.  You don’t think you’ll get over it or that you might as well give up.  It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it?

At Pushing Back the Shadows, we try to bring you encouragement for your darker days.  Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia or anything else or simply struggling as a friend or a family member, we try to give you that much-needed boost.

Below, I’ll highlight some of our best encouragement posts for you to check out.  Also take a look at our Founder’s Favourites as well, for some of his favourite posts of all time!

The Ensemble of Encouragement
Why Not Check Out Our Podcast?
  • Episode 1 – Episode 1 welcomes you to the Pushing Back the Shadows community, a good place to start if you’re new to the site.
  • Episode 2 – in Episode 2, Alex looks at Talking Things Through, a podcast based on the series of the same name.  It covers how to get those mental health conversations going so that you might be able to help your friends or loved ones better.
  • Episode 3 – depression can affect friends and family relationships in so many ways.  Check out Alex’s take on that problem.
  • Episode 4 – how do you hold on?  How do you keep going in those darkest days?  Here are some of the things Alex holds onto during his darkest moments.
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