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Welcome to Pushing Back the Shadows – a blog to support people with depression, their friends and their families.

My name is Alex Davies and I run Pushing Back the Shadows.  I’m also an author and a musician, but more about that later.  Instead, let me give you a glimpse into my dream…

The Dream

Around August 2016, I went to the doctor after struggling for a few months.  I was officially diagnosed with depression and anxiety and my mental health journey began.  The following months were difficult and tempestuous but it has left me with a strong desire to share my experiences.  Originally it was a desire to encourage people suffering with depression and/or anxiety, however it has grown since then.

In the UK alone, 1 in 4 people have some form of mental illness, whether it’s depression, anxiety, bipolar or any of the others.  While there is increasing help and assistance for these people, what about the remaining 3 in 4 that try to support them?  I feel they get forgotten, as there isn’t much out there for them.  If you’re reading this, the chances are you know someone with depression or anxiety and are looking for ways to help them.

Look no further.

With this blog, I aim to equip you with plenty of advice, suggestions and practical ways you can help anyone walking a similar path to me.  I shall also try to tap into my experiences and explain things – why people sometimes react the way they do, why they do the things they do and shed some light on the inner workings behind it.

Stay Connected

I would love to be able to support you and help you, whether you’re suffering with depression or anxiety or insomnia or something else or you know someone going through those things.  Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook or email me at alex.davies@pushingbacktheshadows.com.

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Become a PatronDisclaimer: I am not an expert, nor am I medically qualified.  This blog is based on my personal experiences only.  Always seek medical advice in the first instance.