Living Life in the Fast Lane

Forza – Fast-Paced and Fun!

When it comes to driving games, we often say the faster the better!  Drive anything from classic cars to rally trucks, modern GT cars to the best hypercars available!  As long as it is fast, we don’t mind.  Wouldn’t you say?  With that in mind, I thought I’d tell you about another little gem in my escapism: the Forza series.

Ah, Forza!  In the grand scheme of things, I’m still fairly new to the Forza series.  I started sometime April 2018 with Motorsport 6, delving into a world of cars and official track racing that I just couldn’t put down.  In truth, it was almost the game that I’d been waiting for since I completed 2005’s Midnight Club 3…a game that I’d never found the like of since.

Then came Horizon 3!  After expressing interest in getting it, I was pleasantly surprised to find the game on sale – not just the game itself, but the ultimate edition – for about £33.40 instead of the £120something that it was supposed to be.  So all DLC expansions, car packs, a VIP pass and everything included!  Now this game really took me back to Midnight Club 3 as it was open world, street racing, the works!

And finally, that brings us to the latest chapter which is Horizon 2 (I know, I know, going backwards here!)  Another good buy – the game was free with XBOX Gold this month and the DLC (and I mean the entirety of the game’s DLC – car packs, expansions, VIP, you name it) was at £14.99 instead of about £79.99 (yeah, yeah, I’m lucky!)  It’s set in the beautiful Mediterranean coastlines of Southern France and Northern Italy.  Beautiful.

Except…when you’re going too fast…

Forza Horizon 2

So I hopped straight into the Lamborghini Hurácan that you’re given at the start to drive to the festival.  Then I jumped into a BMW Z4 as my first car.  From there on, it was race race race…until I realised one thing I’d forgotten.  Before I tell you, though, here’s a quick peek at some of the gameplay:

It’s great, isn’t it?  Alright, that’s a McLaren, not a BMW but just look at the speeds and the handling!

But then the penny dropped…I was focusing so much on the speeds, the handling, the colours of the car, any added vinyls and decals that I fancied putting on, that I’d forgotten something very important…

What was around me.

Now, I don’t mean the other cars on the road, because even though it’s important to mind those kinds of surroundings while driving, it wasn’t what I’d forgotten to look at.  I’m talking, instead, about the scenery.  That’s right, being in the beautiful south of France and the north of Italy, right alongside the Mediterranean coastline, there was plenty of beautiful, lush scenery around and the Forza team had done a great job of recreating it!

Which set me thinking…how often do we miss things like that because we’re too busy living life in the fast lane?

Living Life in the Fast Lane

How often do we get caught up in the things of life?  With social media providing us with all the updates we could need, with so many things at our fingertips, it can become all too easy to be swept away in that tide.  We find that we don’t often stop.  We don’t practise that pause.

With that in mind, I decided to slow my Forza game down a little.  See if I could actually take in some of the sights.  What did I find?  Well, take a look for yourself:

Isn’t it beautiful?  The scenery, the level of detail that the developers often put in…and all that could be missed if we’re too focused on driving around as fast as we can, completing race after race.

Don’t you think?

So here’s your challenge: slow your life down a little bit.  Get out of the fast lane and actually start living.  Stop for a moment and take in what’s around you.  Who knows what beautiful views and moments you’re missing because you’re simply going too fast?

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