Borderline Personality Disorder – feat. Sarah Cardwell

BPD – feat. Sarah Cardwell

First: our BPD event!  Second: a great line-up of guests.  Third: a great video!

Day 3 of our Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week, together with all the guests we’ve got in store for you.  We we’re thrilled to introduce Sarah Cardwell who, as well as me, struggles with borderline personality disorder.  Furthermore, she’s agreed to share her story with us – and you – so that we can spread more awareness for it because she, also, believes it doesn’t get enough awareness.  Additionally, she has a message at the end of the video that she wants you to remember, not to mention the great content that’s on her website and on her social media accounts.

Useful Links:
Vote for Sarah Cardwell
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About Sarah Cardwell:Sarah Cardwell - Borderline Personality Disorder Sufferer

Sarah Cardwell is a new blogger having recently been diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder/ Borderline Personality Disorder in January 2018. In light of that diagnosis, she blogs about her own mental health experiences.  Furthermore, she has been under a mental health team since 1998.  You can read more of Sarah’s blogs on Mental health, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, ovarian cancer, family life & her work at

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