Taking Time Out to Recharge

Taking Time Out

Do you have children?  If so, what sort of disciplinary methods do you use?  In our house, we have time out.  If the toddler is misbehaving, she usually sits on the chair for a number of minutes according to her age and reflects on what she’s done.  Then we reinforce it with the loss of a toy only if necessary.  Regardless, time out is usually the first port of call.  (Admittedly, it doesn’t always go well, as recently we had a 2-hour screaming fit from her where she didn’t want to be on the chair!!)

In this context, time out is a punishment, used to discipline a misbehaving child.  For this post, however, it takes on another meaning.  The joy of words, eh?  So many different meanings.

I’ve written before about how rest can be difficult to come by, and so we have to find different ways to recharge ourselves.  (Note: this does not involve using USB cables or chargers connected to live electricity ports or anything like that!)  If you have insomnia, like me, then that rest can be almost impossible to achieve by sleeping, as it’s more like a sleepless battle.

So how do we do it?

My Time Out

If you ask Cheryl, she will tell you that I work on this website a lot.  Whether it’s writing posts, recording podcasts or videos or simply interacting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or our other social media accounts, I put a lot of time into it.

Which makes it all the more important to take some time out.

This year, for Cheryl’s birthday, she received some vouchers for Hoar Cross Hall and she decided it would be nice if she and I went for a couple’s spa day.  No kids, no work, no stress, just a nice day or relaxation.  To be honest, it was a wonderful experience.  Swimming in the pools, lounging with a book on the loungers, enjoying lunch together and having that relaxing feeling that there was no stress, no pressures of life and nothing else to worry about while we were in those walls.  Everyone was just there to relax, spend time together and work on finding that precious “me time”.

It was time out.

Time out from the daily routine of working or child-sitting, from the stresses that come from everyday things like bills or shopping or other such daily occurrences; time out from the darkness of depression and anxiety.

It was time to recharge, to rest, to relax.

A Welcome Break

I’m not saying for one minute that my depression wasn’t there, that my anxiety wasn’t constantly nipping at my heels.  Spending the day in swimwear was enough to trip the old anxiety a bit, as concerns about body image flood in along with the number of people at the resort.  However, it was time when I could actually find that relaxation time as well.  As difficult as it can be, pushing those mental health struggles aside to swim in the pool, to sit and chat in the Jacuzzi or to read a good book can be so beneficial to us.

It’s a welcome break.

A time for us.

It might be difficult to achieve, but it is entirely possible.  After all, we all have things that we enjoy doing.

Find What Works For You

Now, I understand that not everyone can afford a spa day.  Even as gifts from others, those things can only come around once every so often.  Taking that time out to relax doesn’t have to be a spa day.  It can be something else, something that you enjoy.  A nice walk in a nature reserve, a trip to a museum, a concert, whatever works for you.  If there is something that you enjoy, something that can distract you from the darkness inside your head, why not take some time out to do that?

It can only be beneficial, surely?

It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Nor does it have to be something grand that will take up a whole day or a week.  Sometimes just an hour or two can be enough.  With friends, without friends, whatever works for you.

And that’s the point: whatever works for you.

So why not try it?  Who knows what kind of good it will do?

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Author: Alex Davies

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