Top Tips for Self-Care – by Brad Krause

Self-Care and You

Self-care can mean a lot of things, but it boils down to making sure your physical, mental, and emotional health are all well taken care of. This is important for everyone, but especially for people who lead busy lives or have very stressful occupations. There are many different ways to practice self-care, so it’s important to think of your specific needs; what works for one person may not work for another.You may choose to focus on things outside of yourself, such as your home.

Decluttering for Self-Care

Decluttering your house can help you feel better both physically and mentally, allowing you to create a more serene environment and de-stress. Or, you may decide to focus on your eating habits, your exercise routine, and getting enough sleep each night in order to gain more energy and boost your mood. Whatever you choose to do, it should fit your lifestyle so you’ll get the most benefits. Here are a few tips on how to practice self-care for your mind and your body.

Start simple

Self-care doesn’t have to mean overwhelming changes. You can start simple, such as creating a better bedtime routine, and still feel the benefits. There are many overlooked activities that will help you feel better, including finding ways to relax and reduce stress and anxiety. You might focus on your relationships and learn to say “no” when you need to, or make more time during the day to practice a favourite hobby to de-stress.


A cluttered home can be a distraction and can make it harder to concentrate
on the important things, so make a plan to go through each room to clear
things out. Go through closets, drawers, cabinets, and the garage, attic space, and basement. Make piles for items you want to donate, throw away,
and sell. Look for ways to hang onto your favorite belongings that will
allow you to make room, such as condensing photo albums by scanning
pictures on the computer and saving them to a thumb drive.

Change things up

Sticking to the same routine day after day can lead to boredom and
dissatisfaction with life overall, so think of some easy ways you can
change things up a bit. For instance, take a different route to work or introduce a new exercise in your workout routine. If you want to think bigger, you might try something new, like learning a foreign language or taking a class on how to repair cars. Changing things up can help you find new passions and stay motivated in the things you enjoy doing.

Eat well

Sticking with a well-balanced diet can help you feel better both inside and out, so do some research on the best ways to eat healthier. Introduce fresh fruits and veggies into every meal and use a refillable water bottle so you can keep track of how much you’re drinking.

Spend time with yourself

Many of us stay so busy and focused on the needs of others that we forget to check in with ourselves. Make it a point to sit and read write in a journal, or meditate. Do something every day that will allow you to spend time with yourself in a quiet, calm space in order to learn to relax and feel comfortable in your own skin. Practising self-care is important for everyone, but for those who find they are living with stress, depression, or anxiety, it can be imperative. Talk to your doctor about more ways you can help yourself feel better, and communicate with your loved ones about the ways they can assist you.

About the Author

Brad Krause graduated from college in 2010 and went straight to the
corporate world at the headquarters of a popular retail company. But
what started as a dream job soured quickly. After four years of working
15-hour days and neglecting his health, he decided enough was enough. Through aiding a friend during a tough time, Brad discovered his real
calling–helping people implement self-care practices that improve
their overall wellbeing. He created to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he finds on his self-care journey.

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