A Potato Message

A Potato Instead of a Quote

I’ve told you before how, when my inspiration strikes, I tend to look for images that will go with what I’m talking about.  For the most part, I look for ones that have quotes associated with them, as the quotes continue to jog the creative part of my mind.  Occasionally, however, I come across a few pictures that either make me smile or surprise me.

So the other day I was looking for pictures with depression quotes in them for another post and I came across this:

I'm a tiny potato and I believe in you. You can do the thing!









Yeah, I know…not exactly the depression quote that you were expecting. After all, it’s a potato!  When I pointed this picture out to Cheryl, we both had a good chuckle over it, finding it to be a rather amusing image.  Then, almost like a lightbulb moment, she said that it actually made a bit of sense.

Why?  Because it’s a potato.

The Life of a Potato

A running joke amongst my friends is that I’m a farmer because I have a Gloucester/Somerset accent – not a strong one, admittedly, but enough of one that people pick up on it.  I guess that makes it rather ironic that I’m going to talk to you about potatoes but I’m sure I’ll get over that.  Even so, let’s talk about potatoes!

I’m sure we all know that potatoes are grown underground.  Only small tubers go above the soil surface, so that it can still get a little bit of light to give it what it needs to grow.  Reportedly, depending on where you are in the season, potatoes can take between 60-90 days to fully mature.  They spend all that time buried, growing, before being harvested, ready to be sent on for other things.

The Potato Message

As Cheryl and I sat looking at this photo, she explained why she believed it made sense.  This little potato that was telling us it believed we could do “the thing” had a very powerful, very important message to tell us.  Despite it being quite small and somewhat cute, it was still important in its own right.  Why?

Because of its life.

When battling with depression or anxiety or any other mental illness, it can feel as though we’re constantly surrounded by darkness.  It may feel a little like we’re buried alive.  The pressures of life surround us, compress us and leave us feeling hopeless, crushed and isolated.  Like the potato, we spend our lives in that perpetual darkness that we cannot escape.

It’s a horrible thought.  Some people’s worst nightmares are of being buried alive, and that can be the way that depression personifies itself. But let me challenge that thought.  What if that darkness is shaping us? Helping is grow?  Just like the potato, buried until it reaches maturity, what if we are buried so that we might grow?  What if our darkness is merely the place where we can mature and become something else?

When the pressures of life come crashing in around us, we have two choices: we can fight them, allowing ourselves to be crushed in the process, or we can be like the butterfly or the potato and allow ourselves to be shaped, moulded and eventually transformed.

I don’t know about you but that actually brings me a great deal of encouragement.

“I’m a tiny potato and I believe in you!  You can do the thing!”

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Author: Alex Davies

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2 thoughts on “A Potato Message”

  1. Another amazing post Alex! I must say, this might just be the solution to many people’s problems! Kinda like my method of always trying to find something, anything, good in absolutely every situation. As you would know, that is not always the easiest of things to do. But now, I will have just a tiny bit more motivation to do so. This potatoe just might save many lives!! Great job!! 😀

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