Katie – the Interview

Katie – the Interview

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Author: Alex Davies

Alex Davies is the creator and writer for Pushing Back the Shadows. Find out more about his journey here and connect with him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Katie – the Interview”

  1. Katie is my niece – I’ve always felt a closeness with her – or for her. I know she’s struggled with life over the last couple of years. I would love to be able to help but how? Not by asking ‘how are you’ or other such inane questions. I think about her a lot and occasionally send virtual hugs. She’s a beautiful person ❤️

    1. Such a lovely thing to say, thank you for sharing. You’re right, asking “how are you” is often not the best of questions. Why not check out our Talking Things Through series, as we give tips and tricks to getting mental health conversations going. Chances are, she will have some suggestions too.

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