A New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all from the Pushing Back the Shadows team!

Out With the Old Year

2018!  Is it just me or does anyone else think that 2017 flew by?  It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the end of 2016, which most people seemed to think was an awful year.  I know that’s what everyone says – that it seemed like only yesterday – but it really does.

Looking back at 2017, I’ve had a few opportunities to pick as highlights. Starting this website, for example, has been a major highlight as it’s enabled me to help people with their mental health struggles.  Whether on Twitter, Facebook or just this website, it’s been extremely rewarding to be able to connect with people and bring a little light into their darkness. Simply by reaching out and encouraging them, I’ve been encouraged as well.

Still, 2017 has had its difficulties.  If you follow my journey, you’ll have seen it’s had its ups and it’s had its downs.  I wrote about the Harrowing Void, how my scars have faded and the desire to bring them back has just increased.  I told you about my sleepless battle, how depression and anxiety affected me at work and much more.

In With the New Year

So as we’re gearing up towards the New Year, we might be approaching it with anticipation and trepidation or excitement and enthusiasm.  Perhaps you’re thinking that this will be your year, where everything goes right, you get that dream promotion, you get your finances in order and so on.  Conversely, you might be thinking it will be a disaster of a year where everything goes wrong, you lose lots of things dear to you.  Who knows?

In truth, no one knows what the future will bring.  2018 will continue to be elusive and mysterious.  It’s important to remember, as we approach this new year of new opportunities and events, that the only thing we can truly control is the here and now.  We don’t know what tomorrow holds, yesterday is done, so we focus on the present.  Live for today.

Now, I’m not saying go wild and blow all your money, drive your car recklessly, go out and buy booze and drugs and live wildly because that’s just not practical.  No, what I’m saying is make the most of the time that we have.  Tomorrow could be one day too late, as anxiety keeps telling us, or it could be one of the biggest success stories of our lives.  Make the most of it.  If that doesn’t tell you what I’m trying to say, check out this scene and let one of my favourite fictional characters tell you:


So, as 2018 unfolds and we launch into this new year, take the time that is given to you, decide what to do with it.  Perhaps start a new project, one that will help your mental health.  Alternatively, make a New Year’s Resolution that might change the course of your life.  2018 is your oyster, you go and make the most of it.

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Author: Alex Davies

Alex Davies is the creator and writer for Pushing Back the Shadows. Find out more about his journey here and connect with him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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