A New Day

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas Everyone!I’d like to start this post by wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas! From everyone at Pushing Back the Shadows, we hope you have a very good day and, if you’re away for the holidays, a wonderful time!

A New Day

These words have been on my mind a lot for the past few months.  “A New Day.”  It brings a sense of warmth to me.  It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s something that’s unspoilt, unbroken.  It’s another chance, almost like that second chance but with unlimited possibilities.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.  As the sunlight creeps through the blinds or the curtains, all you want to do is pull the duvet up over your head, curl up and hide away from the world.  Put the world off for a few more minutes.  Snooze the alarm and have your “just five more minutes” in bed.  Sound familiar?

I’m the epitome of that feeling!

Every morning is a chance to start over.

Even though it’s a morning, I’m a creative person and mornings are meant to be the best time for creativity, I just don’t like facing them.  For me, it’s another day, another struggle.  Another day that I have to put the mask on, face the morning and get through the day without having any incidents.

It’s daunting.

A New Chance

Despite my initial morning thoughts, though, I have been having a think about this whole “new day” concept.  While I might not appreciate them, is there not good in every day?  It’s a new day for attempting whatever I want to attempt.  A chance to start over.  A fresh chance to get it right. Isn’t that a much better way to look at the day?

See, some days are great, where my productivity is on fire, my inspiration is through the roof and my enthusiasm is wonderful.  Other days my motivation and inspiration just suck, majorly.  It’s hard for me to focus on what I’m writing, difficult to work myself up to write anything and sometimes even impossible to get myself to do anything productive.  In short, everything is an uphill climb.

Even on those days where things are difficult and I’m struggling, isn’t there something good in those days?  Is there not something good in every day that we come across?  Whether the day has been good or bad, there’s always something small, something good buried in there somewhere, like a diamond in the rough.  We just have to find it.


Whatever you’re doing today, whether you’re in the middle of opening presents or just finishing washing up after your Christmas dinner or taking a quiet five minutes to let that dinner go down, I’d like you to take a moment.  Pause.  Reflect.  Look back at 2017.  Would you say your year has been good?  Would you say it’s been disastrous?  Take a deeper look.

I’m sure 2017 will have been filled with good moments and bad moments. Some might stand out more than others but there will be a smattering of both in there somewhere.  In terms of Pushing Back the Shadows, we’ve had a wonderful rollercoaster year since we started in May.  Both Cheryl and I have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve had on here, on Twitter, on Facebook and more.  Bringing a light to you all brings a light to ourselves as well.  The community we’ve created…it’s amazing!

So this is our last post for 2017.  Wrapping up the year, so to speak.  Now we can turn our eyes to the next few weeks before the New Year, taking each new day as a chance to start over, a chance to get it right.  Every new day is a gift, it’s up to us what we do with it.

Let’s make the most of it!

Happy Christmas, guys!


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