To Have Great Expectations

I’d like to ask you a question today.  Before I do, let me tap into it a little bit first.  It’s all about expectations.  Let’s take a look.

Great Expectations

Did you ever read Great Expectations when you were at school?  The wonderful novel by Charles Dickens?  When I was in year 10 or 11, we had to read this book as part of our English GCSE.  I suppose it wasn’t so bad really, a crazy old lady and a young lad who then grows up.  It certainly had its moments.  Still, it seems like a wonderful title for this post, so I’m going to roll with it.

Great ExpectationsWe all have our expectations of what things will be like.  Job interviews, new schools, challenges and so on, we all know what we think they will be like.  In some cases, we build up those ideas in our head, allowing our expectations to take hold of us until we are either overly excited or overly terrified of the upcoming event.

How do we manage those expectations though?  Particularly when it comes to mental health, we can have such vast expectations that it’s difficult to know what to do with them.


This is perhaps the biggest area that people ask me what my expectations are.  Whenever I’ve felt as though my medication isn’t working, both doctors and my parents will say: “Well, what exactly are you expecting it to do?”  It’s as if I might be expecting too much from it.  After all, medication is only meant to alleviate symptoms, it’s not meant to fix the problem.

So what do I expect?  Well, in my journey, I find that I tend to bounce a lot.  A bit like a yo-yo, I go from somewhere high in the sky to somewhere down in the depths without much in between.  As a result, I expect my medication to level me out a bit.  Lessen the gap between the highs and the lows, so to speak.  Is that too much to ask?

Sometimes it does feel as though I expect too much from it.  That said, we do that, don’t we?  We often set our expectations too high and then we find that we’re disappointed later on.  A horrible feeling, but one that I’m sure we’re all used to.

Your Expectations

Over to you.  What sort of things do you find you set your expectations highly on?  If you’ve been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, what did you expect from that?  How have those expectations changed over the months?  Get in touch, let us know.  Stay tuned for my upcoming post where I talk about managing those problems where we are expecting too much or too little from things.  In the meantime, drop us a message or a comment.

See you soon!

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Author: Alex Davies

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  1. I found your book and blog via a Twitter post. I am looking forward to reading Pills and Blades. Very courageous of you to share your personal story. Only those who have dealt with depression or mental health struggles know what it’s like. I try to advocate and reduce the stigma. I wish you the best and good luck with your book!

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