The Power of Resting

Rest and Me

Good morning, how are you doing today?  How did you sleep last night?  I hope it was a good night for you, full of rest and relaxation.  I find that night time is usually the worst time for me as my depression or anxiety tend to kick my insomnia into overdrive. That’s me though.  How about you?  Feel free to leave a comment below, as I’d like to know what you think of nights.

Most mornings I wake up a little crotchety.  With restless nights, I find I don’t have the requisite energy to face the morning and that makes it difficult to get myself out of bed.  Resting well gives me that energy but those nights are few and far between.  There are, however, more ways of getting refreshed than sleep.  Sleep, after all, is overrated, at least in my view as an insomniac.

Those of you following my journey will see that I spend most days in that “just tired” stage.  It’s become my regular state of life, going through the motions in some form of tiredness.  How I get through the day is beyond me but it’s one of those things you get used to.  Somehow.

A Time to Rest

Are you one of those people who doesn’t sleep very well? Well the good news is that I’ve got a few suggestions to help you rest a little.  No, it isn’t all the techniques they suggest in counselling or therapy, just a few things that I’ve done or gone through that might help.

How do you get refreshed? How do you replenish your rapidly depleting energy reserves when you have the pressures of life swinging at you from every direction?  Well, this is where you become a little bit selfish and set aside some time for just you.  Find something that you enjoy doing and spend some time doing that.  Perhaps a film or a TV programme, a good book and a bath, a computer game, a quiet walk, anything.

It may sound obvious but it’s a very important part of getting through the struggle.  As an insomniac, sleep has stopped being a way of getting refreshment so I have had to learn to rest in other ways.  I’m the kind of person who will bend over backwards to help other people anyway, which makes replenishing my energy all the more important because the potential for burning myself out is that much higher.

So I rest.

Find Something You Enjoy

Every day, I set aside some time to play a computer game or to watch a TV episode, usually of NCIS, Big Bang Theory or Star Trek.  That way, I’m switching myself off to everything else, not looking at social media groups or running around fixing things or otherwise working.  Call it having some quiet time, where I can just do something I enjoy and not worry about anything else.

What do you enjoy doing? What brings you that sense of calmness or relaxation?  I’ve mentioned a couple of things that I do – TV, bath, book, computer game – but what could you do?  Comment below some of the things you’d do to relax, that help you please.  I’m intrigued.

Rest and Don’t QuitSometimes you just need to rest, not to quit.

When life is throwing you challenge after challenge, knocking you from pillar to post, it can be easy to give up.  I get that feeling a lot, especially if I’ve not had any sleep.  Sometimes I wonder why I should bother with things.  Even the simple things like going to the shops or messaging.

Don’t quit!

Keep going!

I know it may seem impossible at the moment but you’ve got this.  I mean that.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  It will be hard, there will be difficult days but you will make it through.  You’ve survived 100% of the bad days so far and together we will get through the future days.

Take care of yourselves guys.

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Author: Alex Davies

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