Hope: Depression’s Nemesis

Sometimes when you are suffering depression hope seems like a dream, unattainable and impossible. Having a purpose seems pointless if all you can see is the darkness. But it’s important.  Hope is not the cure, but it can help. It’s something I’ve found I say a lot to people when I’m interacting on Twitter.  Have hope. Don’t give in. Keep Fighting. 

You see, I am probably one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. Yet I have depression. I have anxiety. Both can crush me beyond belief. They can make me numb, they can be harrowing and debilitating. Anxiety can leave me unable to speak and I get unbelievably angry and frustrated when it does. Depression can send me into such desolation all I can do to find an escape is to cut. (If you haven’t already, please read I Am Cut. It just explains so much!)

Not Giving In

But the thing with me is my stubbornness won’t let me give in to the darkness. I fight it. And because I’m stubborn I don’t give up on others either. I try to give them hope when they are lacking it, I’ll fight to get them to see there is light in the darkness. In some ways I’m relentless. ( Just ask Alex! I must drive him crazy sometimes!)

To me that is hope. Being the light in someone else’s darkness is giving them hope. Depression is ugly, brutal and corrosive. It robs you of so much. It can wreck friendships, destroy careers, ruin families and steal people from us. Being side by side with someone, fighting for them, supporting them, is the greatest weapon in your fight against their depression. It will equip them to be able to push back the darkness.

So if you haven’t already, read our manifesto. Join us on Twitter or Facebook. Be the light in someone else’s darkness. Give them hope. Because without it, depression wins.

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