Light up the Dark Like A Firework!

Light Up The Sky

So of course as it’s bonfire night I have to tailor this week’s pick a little around fireworks. Today is bittersweet; I love fireworks, I love bonfires but it’s a love I inherited from my dad and this will be the first one without him.  As I was watching the early fireworks last night I was struck by the beautiful lights illuminating the dark and I had a thought; What Alex and I are trying to achieve with Pushing Back the Shadows is similar. We’re trying to light up the dark like a firework. Sometimes in little bursts, but sometimes with a blast that lights up our lives and others.

Through the darkness of depression we are sharing our stories, we are supporting others and we are fighting back the darkness.

So this week I want to look at bringing a little light.


Today, despite being somewhat bittersweet as I’ve mentioned, is a good day. It’s cold and clear and it’s been a morning of good things.  It started with a cuddle from my little one, followed by a good breakfast. Then we went to see Alex lead worship at a local church. It was great to see and I was heartened by the comment from one of the congregation saying how much she thinks he’s come on from where he was. It’s true (even if he won’t admit it) he really has. Like the post glow sticks, he’s had to break before he could shine. And boy is he shining!

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the progress we are making, set backs (like Alex’s twitter account being off-line for nearly a week) can knock you back. It can make you question the purpose of what you are trying to achieve. But if we take for example the twitter issue, we stopped and had a think and decided it was time I got on twitter too, we worked other social media and kept investigating issues on how to fix the problem.

Light Up Like A Firework

It could have knocked us back. It nearly did, but between the two of us we kept pushing forwards. And it was so worth it!

Even with our biggest source of traffic off-line we gained new subscribers, I gained followers of my own. I discovered great joy in connecting with new people. I got to support others (even when I was on a black day myself, and it helped pull me through) One thing that stands out is the support we each received and the welcome back Alex got when his twitter account came back online. It was phenomenal!

We’ve gone through a lot of changes with our journeys, like a butterfly or a diamond we’ve evolved in darkness. But even in the darkness something amazing is happening. Like it or not, we are reaching people, we are having a positive effect and in the process we are changing too. Maybe we won’t ever be fully recovered, but right now I’d rather be a firework lighting up the dark every once in a while. After all it can be beautiful.

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