A Potato, An Egg and Coffee

It’s a random title for a post, that’s for certain, but it’s a story that I wanted to share with you.  I promise it’ll make sense!  Trust me, it isn’t about my lunch – I don’t cook myself a potato very often, I’m allergic to eggs but the coffee sounds good – it’s actually a story that I read on Facebook a little while ago.  Check out the video below:

A Potato, An Egg and Coffee
Which one are you?

More often than not, we go through really trying times in our lives.  This is particularly noticeable when we’re struggling with our depression at the same time.  We find it easier to pick out the difficult times.  What can we do about it though?

We could try and be like the potato and try and be strong so we avoid the weakness but in the end the struggle will grind us down until we go soft.

We could be like the eggs, feeling fragile and letting the water make us harder, but we don’t want to harden ourselves to everything around us, making ourselves difficult to reach or distant.

Instead, we need to be like the coffee.  When we encounter those trials of life, we should allow ourselves to be shaped by them, just like a butterfly or a diamond does.  Take it as an opportunity and seize it to turn it into something new!  You will grow from it and emerge stronger because of it.

Take care guys!

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