Practically Perfect – Part 3 – Representative

Welcome to Part 3 of the Practically Perfect series!  If you missed part 2 then don’t worry, you can check it out here.  This week we’re looking at having a representative and some of the different ways that that can help you.  We also take a look at another tip for our UK followers, something that I wasn’t aware about that has helped me a lot!  Shall we get started?

Having a Representative

Representative access is something that I would highly recommend setting up if you haven’t already.  A lot of people might assume this is something you do with your parents with things like their bank accounts, just in case you need to manage their affairs for them, sort of like a Power of Attorney.  In actuality, setting up representative access isn’t quite like that, although it has its similarities.  In a nutshell, you arrange for a person you trust to speak on your behalf in different situations.

The best example I can give is my GP’s.  I have a friend set up to speak on my behalf, so she can phone up to enquire about appointments, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions for me and much more.  Similarly, she is set up on numerous other official capacities – speaking with the council, etc – so that she can speak on my behalf.

Representative access doesn’t just have to be set up at the doctor’s.  As I just mentioned, it can be set up over a number of different companies and situations.  In last week’s post, I mentioned how this can be useful for work, although it’s important to note that not every workplace will do this.  Likewise, not every company will allow representative access to people.  It’s all about approaching the companies and asking if they are willing for representatives to be set up.

Why Have a Representative?

When I was working, I used to spend all day taking phone calls, ready to deal with customer enquiries or customer accounts.  As a result, I developed a strong desire to avoid the phone as much as possible.  If I don’t have to make a phone call or can justify procrastinating, I will do so.  More often than not, now, I will get an anxiety attack just before having to make the call, which almost makes the call itself a lot worse.

As a direct result of all this, having a representative who can make those phone calls on my behalf is a great blessing.  It prevents me from having to do it myself, which reduces the number of panic attacks I have in a week and also gets the things I need accomplishing done.  It’s a win-win situation, as it helps me keep on top of things.

The other important point to mention is that it can tie in to the same reason you would take someone with you to a doctor’s appointment.  People say that having someone with you is useful because they might catch things that you miss, think of questions that you might not think of and they are there for support.  In the same way, a representative might think of those questions you wouldn’t think of.  In my case, if I’m on a bad depression day, my representative can be pushy with the doctor to get me an appointment, where I would have given up at the first hurdle.

There are plenty of other reasons but those are the ones that stick out for me.

My UK Top Tip

To those of you living in the UK, here is a quick tip.  My representative helped me set it up, which is why it’s being mentioned in this post.  As we all know, prescription charges can be expensive when they start to mount up, especially when you’re on something that you have to take daily.  If you’re a UK resident then you can get an NHS Prepayment Medical Certificate.  This basically allows you to pay a set price per month for the certificate and then you can get as many prescriptions a month all for that one price.

So, the certificate costs just over £10.  If you get two prescriptions a month, you’re already saving!  It comes out as Direct Debit and then you can get an unlimited number of prescriptions a month by only paying that £10 a month.  The certificate itself is the size of a credit card, so it fits in your purse or wallet easily as well.

Find out more here.  It’s saved me a lot of money already!  I have two prescriptions a month and was getting extra prescriptions as the doctor changed my medication.

Also, your representative can go and collect the prescriptions for you.  Generally, all they need is your prepaid prescription certificate, your date of birth and your address.

Next Week

In next week’s post, I’m going to be looking at what happens when you get it wrong.  Invariably, it won’t be plain sailing, you will get something wrong at some point.  It’s what you do after that’s important…but what do you do?  Find out next week!

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