Fleeting Fragility

Life Is Fleeting

Hi guys, it’s Alex here filling in for Cheryl this week.  As she has been unable to write her pick this week, I’m filling in for her (with her permission, of course!)  She’s alright, so please don’t panic, she’s just going through a rough patch.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hospital.  Thankfully nothing is wrong with me – as who really likes hospitals – but someone is ill and I’m supporting my friend through this.  It brings back memories of times that I’ve been in hospital and it brings back memories of loved ones in hospitals.  Those memories I can deal with, but there’s one nagging thought that I wanted to pick up on.

To cut the long story short, my friend’s father is ill.  Critically ill.  Prognosis is that they may have to put a “Do not resuscitate” order on his treatment plan.  A horrible thought…who knows whether it is the best outcome or not.  I hope he wakes up, I hope he recovers but sometimes we just don’t know.

Sometimes it just seems that life is so fleeting.

One Day Too Late

So what is this thought?  Well, as I sit in the relative’s room of the hospital Intersive Care Unit, I listen to the conversations of my friend’s family and the other families around them.  Talk to loved ones being on life support machines, unable to breathe for themselves.  Talk of one parent who is only alive because the one machine is keeping him alive, that he’s as good as deceased now were it not for the machine.

It’s sad.

More than sad…it’s painful and upsetting.

But still, it made me think.

What about all the things we never said?  What about all the things we never did?  Did we do all we needed to when they were alive?  Are we out of time.

You know, one thing that always sticks out in my mind when talking about mental health is that people will always say they never saw the signs.  When someone commits suicide, the first thing said is “we never knew”.  Yet the signs are always there.  Always.

Are we that one day too late?

Could we have messaged or called sooner?

That’s my challenge for you.  Don’t put the onus on them, waiting for them to talk to you.  Reach out to them, talk things through with them and let them know they’re not alone.  They might need you.

Don’t leave it too late.

Take care, guys.

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