The Butterfly and the Diamond

Like a Butterfly

With crushing darkness pressing in around you every day, it’s hard to think that you might be able to grow from it. Bombarding your mind as often as it does, it probably tells you that nothing good will ever come from it.  When you’re being worn away piece by piece, it’s far easier to think of yourself as slowly being defeated by it.  I’d like to challenge that thought, though. What if you’re not being destroyed by the darkness but, instead, you’re being metamorphosed, like a butterfly?

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.When a caterpillar is ready to transform, a number of different species spin a cocoon. Inside the cocoon, they undergo their transformation into a butterfly.  It takes a while to transform but, after a while in the darkness of the cocoon, they emerge as a brand new, beautiful creature.

It’s incredible!

It’s also very apt for us.  Our darkness that oppresses us could be preparing us for our transformation.  We might be growing while in the midst of our shadows.


Another good example of such a transformation is a diamond. Buried deep within the earth, under tremendous amounts of pressure, these precious gemstones are formed.  It’s the combination of the pressure and the temperature that makes a diamond.  That being said, we can’t ignore the fact that they, too, are in darkness. Just like the butterfly.

Imagine it for a moment. Something submitted to all that pressure and time…only to turn into one of the most valuable and potentially most beautiful gemstones on the planet!  Who knows, maybe the pressure that you’re under is transforming you into something incredible!

Another thing to note is that a diamond is also one of the hardest natural materials known. Diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds. It’s toughness, which is directly related to its hardness, is also incredible.

But what does that mean for us?

Well the pressure that we’re under from our individual journeys through the shadows could be serving the same purpose as pressure does for a diamond.  We could be being made stronger by the process, just like a diamond.

See?  I bet you didn’t think you were a diamond!

Growth in the Darkness

Without a doubt, you are definitely growing.  Whether you are a butterfly Something will grow from all you are going through - and it will be you.or a diamond, the darkness that you are going through is serving to transform you into something that is both beautiful and durable.  As the picture to the left says: something will grown from all you are going through.  And it will be you.

Think of it this way: every bad day that you go through is another mile marker in your success journey.  You made it through the day.  It didn’t stop you.  Somehow, despite all the forces working against you, putting pressure on you and keeping you in darkness, haven’t been able to stop you.  Whether through perseverance or sheer determination, you’ve made it through the worst days of your life.  That, by default, means you’re getting stronger which also means you’re growing.

Regardless of how much pressure you’re under or how dark your bad days are, keep going.  I know I’ve said it before but I want to remind you: you’ve got this.  You can make it through.  Yes, you may relapse or you may make mistakes but remember what you’re worth.  You’re worth far more than you think you are, just like a butterfly or a diamond.

You’re a work of art that’s still in progress.

Take care guys!

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Author: Alex Davies

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