Depression Striking Early

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Early-Years Depression

So this post comes from reading a news article the other day.  On Psychology Today, Robert T Muller Ph.D. talks about depression striking as early as preschool age.  He states that depression affects approximately 4% of preschoolers in the US, a number that increases by 23% ever year.  Apparently it is an increasingly common thing that people can identify.  Robert Muller says that doctors and therapists are better equipped nowadays to ensure that it can be treated better.

In a news report from WNDU, Maureen McFadden has said one of the early warning signs is if your child seems sad all the time or doesn’t enjoy playtime the way he or she used to.  That’s when there should be some concern.  Parents should also watch for things like irritability, eating disturbances and sleep problems such as difficulty going to sleep or waking up during the night.  Increased negative self-perception is also an indicator.

Potential Causes

On WedMB, Kathleen P. Hockey, a licensed social worker who has also suffered from depression, says there is no single thing that causes depression in children.  This is according to NMHA’s Children’s Mental Health Matters campaign, she says.  Potential causes include things like life stresses – losing a parent, perhaps due to divorce – discrimination, a family history of depression.  She also observes that things such as abuse, neglect and other traumas of chronic illnesses can be contributory factors as well.

David Fassler, MD, says that depression in children will often occur alongside or along with other mental health problems, notably anxiety and bipolar or disruptive behaviour disorders.

Over To You

What do you think?  Is depression amongst preschoolers something that’s possible or is it something that is more applicable only to older children and adults?  Someone can be born with diabetes or liver problems but can a 3-year-old have depression?

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2 thoughts on “Depression Striking Early”

  1. I absolutely think small children can be depressed. My daughter wasn’t a preschooler but she was 11 when she was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I was about the same age when I got my diagnosis.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s interesting, isn’t it, because we tend to hear about people who think it’s only teenagers or adults who get it. Some even argue that it isn’t real in teenagers, it’s a phase. Odd how it all works.

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