Khristina – the Interview

What conditions do you live with?
I live with Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, {mild} Anxiety, {mild} Schizophrenia and insomnia.
How long have you been living with them?
Two years (roughly), another two undiagnosed which brings the grand total to four years.
How does it affect you, for example what does a good day look like?
A good day looks bleak at best and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful here but that’s when the voices start to whisper in my mind and I start to see things and I feel so depressed and worthless I want to push myself off a cliff.I survive because I tend to be very vocal and have friends who tend to recognise the warning signs of my bad times.
How about a bad day?
I’m not sure what a bad day looks like because it’s usually a blur of too many pills mixed with copious amounts of alcohol (my parents would kill me if they read this) though I’ve sworn never to try drugs because I will surely take my own life then. Aside from that, there’s also the problem of sharp things and me being together in the same room. Suffice to say I may as well have donated that blood and saved a life instead of being a waste of space.
How does it affect work, family, friends, etc?
I am already a socially inept creature without my mental illnesses, I don’t know what God was thinking but I shall not question Him on such matters. I often take sick days off from work and have to miss family gatherings because of my illnesses and peoples’ inability to understand them.
What sort of methods or treatments do you use to cope?
My coping methods include:
  a)pills {meds}
  b) alcohol {wine only}
   f)online socialising
Most effective: meds/selfharm (don’t judge me)
Least effective:alcohol (it’s a suppressant which explains it)
If you could say one thing to someone going through the same condition(s) as you, what would it be?
Please hang in there and do what I say not what I do. Someone out there will love you, one day.
What would your advice be to people trying to support people with these conditions?
Do as much research as you can and do not ever belittle anyone’s illness(es).
Have you got any final thoughts?
I hope this creates a lot of awareness about mental illnesses to all who read it.
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