What Helps Me on the Bad Days

Having a Bad Day?

Are you having a bad day with your depression or anxiety? To quote one of my daughters favourite cartoons, “It happens. It happens a lot”. Depression and anxiety can make it seem like there is nothing but bad days sometimes. It can strike out of the blue, be there from the second you open your eyes or build up and progressively deteriorate over the course of time. But no matter what, bad days are going to happen. It’s part and parcel of living with mental health issues. And it can really suck.

For this week’s pick of the week, I wanted to share with you the things that help me, both from the blog and practical tips that I employ. Like anything else, these are things that help me, some might suit you, some might not. They’re suggestions from my own experience.

Coping with Anxiety

It’s only recently come to light that hand in hand with my depression, I have a nice side order of anxiety. It’s probably always been there, but because I didn’t see it as full blown panic attacks, I kind of ignored the signs which often led to me spiraling.  Now I know it’s there, I’m having to learn how to cope with it in a more productive way. Here are just a few of the things I know have helped myself and others.

  • The podcast episode 6 meditation. Just taking a little time to focus your breathing and learning to relax can be hugely helpful.
  • Fidget Spinners-Not something I’ve used myself, but I’ve seen how beneficial they are for friends and family who suffer when in environments that are difficult.
  • Yoga breathing-helps lower the heart rate, lower blood pressure and help you find a sense of calm.
  • Grounding technique– I’ve both used this to help someone in the middle of an anxiety attack, and had a friend walk me through it when I was taken badly. Building yourself a grounding kit is a really good idea.

These are just a few of the things helping me with the anxiety side of things. For more ideas and help check out our Patreon supported post, Anxiety-Managing the attacks. It’s something I’ve been using almost as my cheat sheet lately and I can’t stress enough how helpful it’s been.

Black Dog Days

As I’ve said, I’m also battling depression and there have been some incredibly difficult days. Now I’m not going to give you a list of therapies and treatments, I’m not touting magical cures. Think of this as more about self care when it’s a black dog day.

  • A little affirmation– basically take the time to remind yourself of your worth, your things to hold on to. I’d definitely check out what you’re worth, you have a purpose and something to hold on to if you’re struggling.
  • Treat yourself-give yourself a little indulgence. Be it some chocolate, a bubble bath, retail therapy (budget constraints pertaining of course).
  • Exercise-I’m no gym bunny, but the benefits of exercise in the alleviation of depression are well documented. Yes I know motivation is an issue, but even a little movement is better than none.
  • Let in support– basically this boils down to letting those who love and care for you be there for you. From personal experience I can say that when you are struggling all the medication in the world won’t be as effective as the love and support of your nearest and dearest. A hug won’t cure depression, but it can really be a wonderful balm.
A Few Little Thoughts

So, OK not a comprehensive list, but as someone who is going through this journey I know how easy it is to put aside or dismiss the tools and people that can support you. I also want to make one point, for those of you who have doubted Alex and the work he does here, apart from the wonderful responses we’ve received from Twitter from people he’s helped, I want to say that without his support and help, I may not be here. So thank you.

The blog is full of great information, support and guidance so I encourage you all to look through. You may stumble across something that will really help either yourself or someone you care about. It could save a life.

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