When You’ve Lost All Hope

When You’ve Lost Your Hope

How hard is it to cling to hope?  If you’re anything like me, there are days when your crushing blackness is just so dark and so heavy that you feel like all hope is gone.  One of my favourite sayings for this feeling is that the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off to conserve energy.  But it often feels like that, doesn’t it?

What do you do when you’ve lost hope?  How do you find it again?  How do you carry on without that hope?

I believe Naomi Jane has a great answer to this.  I recently found Naomi on Twitter and had a look at her blog and some of the things that she writes about and she came up with this post: To Those Of You Who’ve Lost All Hope – Naomi Jane

Let Others Hold Your Hope

If you’ve reached the stage of hopelessness, where you have no hope no matter what you do, then let others carry it for you.  That’s the basis for her article.  When you can’t carry your own hope, let others carry it for you.

Having people around you to support you, be that friends or family or colleagues, is a very important thing to have.  They can encourage you on your journey and help you along the road to recovery.  It’s one of the great things about togetherness, that we can carry each others’ burdens and help them.

As Naomi says, eventually we can find glimmers of hope again.  Even in the darkness we can find those little rays of light, those little bright spots in amongst the bad stuff.  Sometimes it’ll be unexpected but I’m sure you’ll agree that it will always be welcome.

So, as Naomi says: until you can fine the glimmer of hope, until you can carry your own hope again, let others carry it for you.

Stay strong.  You’re not alone.

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