Something to Hold Onto

“Just Hold On”There is a blessing in the storm. Sit tight!

As I write this this morning, I find myself thinking about holding on.  I wonder: do you find it difficult to hold on?  Life might be throwing you curve-balls and there may be problem on the horizon and, if you’re like me, it can be all you can do not to get swept away by the raging storms around you.  Do you feel this way?

When difficult times arise, people’s go-to response always seems to be “just hold on, things will get better!”  It’s a simple way of providing us with some much-needed encouragement but sometimes it sparks more questions than answers.  When will it get better?  How am I going to get through this?  What do I hold onto?

This morning, I’d like to answer one of those questions for you.

What do I hold onto?

The simple answer: whatever you can.

In my life, surrounded by the oppressing darkness that shrouds my mind, I am slowly learning to find the blessings in the days.  They can be bigger things such as learning a new song on my guitar or writing a successful blog post, or they can be the little things like a cuddle from my 3-year-old goddaughter.  Whether big or small, they are moments of joy throughout the days that uplift me, no matter how momentarily.

Let me unpack one of those a little bit for you.  A couple of weeks ago I had a visit from my goddaughter and her mum. In all honesty, it’s a time that I can really look forward to because I can truly be myself.  My goddaughter absolutely adores me and it doesn’t matter whether I’m on a good day, a bad day or somewhere in the middle, she is always happy to see me and always wants a couple of cuddles throughout the day.  In truth, it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, she can lift me just by accepting me for who I am.

Perhaps as you’re reading this you’re thinking of someone or something that affects you in a similar way.  A child, a friend, a family member or an item or object, maybe.  Well as I sit here this morning, I would encourage you to hold onto it. Seize it with both hands and don’t let go!  When the storms get rough, take hold of that and let it get you through the day.

A part of my mind – the darker part that I try and keep locked up – is weighing heavily on my thoughts as I write this.  I’m conscious that for many people going through depression suicidal thoughts become an occurrence, whether frequent or infrequent.  If that’s you, if you’re having thoughts like those on either a regular or even irregular basis, then please take some encouragement from this.  Find that one thing and hold onto it.  It will get you through.

If you are experiencing those thoughts and don’t feel that you’re going to make it through or are really struggling then please don’t struggle alone or in silence.  On our useful contacts page you can find the number for National Suicide Prevention and Samaritans, both of whom will listen and help you as best as they can.  Samaritans is a 24/7 helpline, so please don’t hesitate.

Stay strong!  Remember: you have a purpose and you are not alone.  Even when the storm-clouds gather, the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes, you are not alone.

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Author: Alex Davies

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