Let’s Talk About It

I know, I know. It’s something of a cliché but, as editor, I must say this phrase to Alex at least once a week. An idea forms and he wants to run with it straight away. Sometimes my job as editor is to put on the brakes a little and get a discussion going first.  Let’s talk about it.

We’re only Human

Everyone has that moment where we say or do something out of emotion in the heat of the moment. Be it excitement or anger, our feelings can carry us away and we can end up making mistakes.

I’ve done it. We all have.

Our internal editor fails to kick in and we have to then watch the consequences unfold. Sometimes it’s something we say without thinking, a text sent from a place of anger, a Facebook post we haven’t thought through, or even shutting someone out…we all do it.

We then just have to deal with the aftermath.

How do we move on ?

Here’s the more simple thing. We talk about it.

Take a beat and just talk about it.

I’ll give you an example. A good friend of mine made a comment about how I handled a situation with one of my children. There was nothing wrong with what they said, it was perfectly correct. Due to my own stresses and issues in that moment though, I handled the criticism badly.

So what did I do? Did I talk to my friend about it ? No. I actually shut them out. I stopped talking to them, wouldn’t look at them for the best part of an hour. (Bear in mind this was while they were in my house!) And it hurt them.

My response was from a place of hurt and anger that was being driven because I was in a spiral.

And I hadn’t told them.

That’s the thing. If I’d said something sooner that I wasn’t doing well that day the situation would have been different.

Thankfully, we did talk about it, eventually.  The phone conversation was over an hour, but it made us both realise that if we’d each handled things a little differently it would have been a lot simpler. In short, we needed to be mindful of each other.

Alex’s post about Mindfulness from the Talking Things Through series went up this week.  It’s my recommendation for this week but I also want to add for everyone to take a minute and talk.  When a situation has gone bad, take a beat, be mindful and talk .

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