What a Week!

Hi everyone, Cheryl here with this week’s pick from the blog!

A Busy Week

This week has been another busy one for us here at Pushing back the Shadows; Alex did his next interview with a health care professional to gain their insights (keep an eye on our announcements for when this goes live!), the brilliant guest post from Ara went up, the first podcast was launched, we had another productive editorial meeting and the first Facebook live session went fantastically, just to mention a few things!  (You can check out the video on our Facebook page!)


It’s been incredible to see the comments on Facebook, the interactions on Twitter, all showing what an amazing community is coming together around the site. So thank you to all of you. It’s great to see all our hard work paying off.

And it’s having an impact on us too!

The Unexpected Benefit

Someone at my day job commented to me that there was a glow about me. I’ve talked before in A little Inspiration about how working with Alex on this site is giving me a purpose, but it’s apparently becoming a change people can see.

I also see (and sometimes hear via a very excited phone call) the positive effect this is having on Alex. Even though he’s still struggling through the change over of medication, the work and interactions we are getting is having the most wonderful effect on him.

He positively glows.

That’s not to say he isn’t still having bad days, like all of us working our way along our journey it can be a bumpy ride. But looking back over the months since his first diagnosis, from a point of feeling broken to now being in a place where his enthusiasm shines like a beacon, it’s an amazing thing to see and be part of. It’s why my pick for this week is Glowsticks – A Light in the Dark.

For all of us, it’s worth remembering no matter how broken you may feel, it might be you’ve broken so you can start to glow.

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