Finding Light in the Dark

It’s a Little bit Funny

Thats something my youngest child comes out with, usually when I’ve done something clumsy. I’ve done my usual walk into something or dropped something. I’m standing there being frustrated at others for laughing and berating myself for my clumsiness, when a little voice invariably chirps ‘but it’s a little bit funny.’

And I then see that it is.

Because this little innocent isn’t laughing at me, they’re laughing with me. To them it’s just a part of what makes mummy who she is and they love their mum.

Love Your Flaws

You see, I hate that I’m clumsy. It drives me nuts that I can’t seem to go a day without breaking something. On my darker days, it can become another thing to add to the list of flaws that will drag me into a spiral.

But to my children and some of my friends it’s part of what makes me me. They wouldn’t change it.

It might be a cheesy line from a dating app advert, but someone does love your imperfections. Those people are your light in the dark. They are the ones you can reach out to when you feel like you’re drowning.

My Point?

When I was trying to decide what to choose for my recommendation this week, I’ll be honest I was a little stumped. Sometimes it’s difficult to pick just one thing.

So this week I’m actually making a few. The first recommendations are for all of you who are struggling; Inside my Head: Part 5 is great for an insight into how Alex’s faith helps him. It may inspire you too.

I’d also suggest having a read of Just Hold On.  I hope it will help you. I also want to say to you that you are not alone. Even in the darkest of times there are people who are that little bit of light. Remember they’re there. Reach out if you can. Despite what your head is telling you, they care.

My next recommendation is for all the friends and family. Have a read of The Onus. I hope it helps put some things into perspective for you and will motivate you to make the first move. You really don’t know how important that gesture can be.

Like Alex says: It could save a life.

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