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When Work becomes Joy

From their experience came pain; and from their pain came purpose; and from their purpose came beauty.I guess like a lot of people who’ve been doing their job for a long time, I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for it. To the point​ that sometimes I have to drag myself in because it’s only the pay cheque that’s motivating me.  Having worked on the phones for 16 years, I’d guess you can say I’ve become a little institutionalised!

But that’s my point. It’s a job, not a joy. I can do my day job almost in my sleep and in some respects I have been on autopilot with it. But I have no purpose with it.

I often say we meet certain people in our lives for a reason. And I can say with every confidence that there are plenty of reasons why Alex and I became friends when we did. This blog is one of them.

It’s given me a purpose.

This is not to say there are not other things in life that give me drive and purpose. But I take great joy from editing this blog, working on it with Alex (even when I get messages at 2am because inspiration has struck!) Most of all, we are getting messages, some of support for what we’re doing, but also from people who are going through their own shadows. It’s these messages that are driving me at the moment.

If what we’re doing can help even 1 person, that makes it more than worthwhile. When Alex sent across the post You Have a Purpose, it struck a chord with me on a lot of levels.

I have another purpose now that helps me push back my own negative thoughts and dark days. Even when I’m overwhelmed with my day job, home life, editing…. whatever, I see the good that’s coming from the work we’re doing.

So that’s my pick this week. If you’re having a dark day, have a read of You have a Purpose. Because believe me, we all do.

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