Pick of the Week – 28/05/2017

Take Me Back to the Start

An odd title? Yes. And I’m making no apologies for it. It’s a line from one of my favourite songs by Coldplay called The Scientist.

For multiple reasons this song has been going round in my head this week, but the line ‘Oh take me back to the start’  has been echoing a lot. Over the past few weeks, Alex has been going back over the start of his journey, and in the process we’ve also got to hear Jeremy’s story. I also got to sit in and participate on our next interview (keep checking our announcements for when it goes live) and one thing that has shone through is the importance of music. It can lift you, it can give a voice to your emotions when you can’t find the words yourself and it can give you hope in the darkness.

When I read​ Before the Morning, it took me back. I remember Alex and I discussing this song, how it affected him when he was in a particularly dark place and the hope it gave him. To read Before the Morning was quite an emotional journey for me, it took me back to the start, but more importantly it reminded me that for all of us there is a little light in the dark.

So that’s my recommendation for this week. Read Before the Morning. Let it shine a little light for you too.

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