Just Hold On

Just hold on

It’s a lot easier said than done, isn’t it.  More often than not, when the depression hits it hits hard and we’re left just clinging on.  Buffeted by the storm raging all around us, holding on is sometimes all we can do.  It’s hard.  Very hard.  Still, we can do it.

Many times over the past few months, I’ve felt as though I’m just holding myself together.  More often than not I’ve found myself running on fumes, having barely scraped a couple of hours’ sleep.  When you manage 5 hours sleep in 72 hours, it doesn’t give you much energy to fight the problems.  Caffeine and sugar quickly become best friends to keep me awake so that I can simply try and make it through the day.  Not quite healthy but I suppose it could be worse.


It’s days like those that you don’t want to climb out of bed.  You don’t want to leave the house, you don’t want to see people, you don’t want to eat or drink or do anything or be anywhere but you know what?  That’s OK.

That’s right: I said that’s OK.

Even if all you did today was breathe, I’m proud of you.  On my worst days, simply making it through the day has been a trial.  Productivity, enthusiasm, motivation, all these have gone out of the window and it feels like all I’ve done is breathe. That’s alright, though.  I’ve made it through.  It might have been by a fingernail’s grip or I might have been holding on tight with both hands, but I still held on.

That’s the point, isn’t it?  It doesn’t matter how well we cope or how tightly we hold on, how close we are to reaching our limit or anything like that as long as we hold on.  Fall seven times, get up eight.  If anything, that’s the secret to making it through.  Believe me, I’m not out of the woods and sometimes I doubt I’ll ever be rid of this depression but I keep holding on to hope.

Just Hold On

If you’re reading this and if you live with that dark cloud hanging over your head, please continue to hold on.  So far you’ve made it through 100% of your bad days and I’m sure there are plenty of people cheering you on.  They might not say it – they might not know what to say – but I’m sure they are.  Even if they aren’t, I am.  I believe you can make it through.  Amidst all that darkness there is a little light shining.  Hold onto it.  Whatever you do, just keep holding on.

You are not alone!

I’ll say it again: you are not alone.

Remember: breathe.  And just hold on.

Hold on.

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Author: Alex Davies

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3 thoughts on “Just Hold On”

  1. Thankyou for this.

    Depression too often makes you think every thing u do is negative or youre not doing enough or you should be doing more. You should do this you should do that. Anxiety has kicked in.All so overwhelming that all you do all day is step.out of bed to use the toilet and hide away in that room for the next 24-48 hours. No daylight to be seen. Ive claimed im ‘sick’ to which my family recommend beechams when deep down you know its not an actual sickness bug or anything of the sort. So thank you for telling me even getting out of bed is an achievement. If all depressed people saw this thed be surprisingly pleased. Small things like leaving a dark room is definitely an acheivement. 😍

    1. It definitely is! Just making it through the day is an achievement in itself, given how bad some of the days can be.

  2. Thank you very much for not only this post, but for all of the posts in this blog. It truly is a daily struggle, even just to breathe… I truly do admire you for everything you have come through, and now, everything you do for all of us in the world who just need something,anything to give us that tiny ray of hope to hold on to….. so, once again, THANK YOU.

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