The End of the Week

Well our Connections and Conversations week has come to a close and I have to say both Alex and I have been overwhelmed by the support and positive responses we’ve received. It’s been amazing! So a huge thank you to all of you!

A Look Back at the Week

The week has had some definite highlights, most notably the interview with Jeremy. I had the privilege of listening to his story on Monday evening and I was blown away by his openness. Like a lot of people, my own issues with depression began to manifest in my teenage years and to hear his own account of his journey was incredibly moving. The podcast of the interview is going to be available on our Patreon page shortly and I have to say it’s definitely worth a listen. We’ve also got more interviews lined up for the coming weeks, so if you don’t want to miss any of the fantastic content we have coming up, subscribe with the button on the right.

Pick of the Week

As for my pick of the week…Well to be honest it’s difficult with so much good stuff to choose from. Like I said, the interview is a particular favourite and I do recommend giving it a read.

My recommendation, however, is Aspects of Choice.  This post is a must read for all of the friends and family of those supporting our loved ones through the shadows. I’ve sat on both sides of this particular issue: shutting myself away from social situations because I just didn’t have the energy when I was in my dark points but also a friend/family member who’s had to watch someone I care about make those decisions of how best to apply what energy they have.

It’s difficult.

Part of you wants to drag them to whatever social event it is, be it just out for coffee or a big birthday party.  It could be you just don’t want them to miss out, or there’s a preconceived notion of an obligation for them to be there. It might even be that you’re scared to leave them alone.

But that’s the thing, on this one it’s about them. Not you.  All you can do is support them. If the person you are supporting makes it to whatever social situation you can rest assured it’s taken a lot of energy to get there.

Alex is going to be unpacking some hints and tips in future posts for helping through such situations which I know will be useful. My best advice for now is to just be there. The person you’re helping appreciates you being there more than you realise. By taking the time to listen, or to talk or sometimes just sit in silence you help more than you know.

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