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In this week’s picks, we bring you a short story written by Perverse Psychology on Forge & Flint.  It’s an intriguing story about how we can sometimes kid ourselves into believing that our depression is just a phase.  It intrigued me from start to finish, especially where it spoke of the temptation to give the antidepressants a miss.  We can sometimes think we can manage without them, getting ourselves through the bout of depression on our steam but other times we do need them, no matter what we think.  Check it out!

Next up, we have a post by Chris Winson from his blog underwaterbreathes.  It’s an honest account of his appointment with his GP a year ago wherein he found out that he had depression.  Reading this, it reminded me a lot of the time when I was diagnosed.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe what we’re hearing, we don’t necessarily want to believe it.  Chris captures that moment perfectly.  Take a read!

Lastly we have an article on how to cope with bipolar and/or depression around the holidays.  It’s something that we all need to know, how to get through the Christmas period while simultaneously battling mental health struggles.  I’d highly recommend checking this one out, as there are some excellent tips on there!

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This week I was offered a fantastic opportunity and because it all happened quite fast , I accepted. I accepted to go to a photo shoot next week for a large modelling agency in the UK to be assessed and was convinced that it would not affect my mental health as I am currently in a strong place and was clear on my message. Almost immediately after accepting I started to become very aware of how I looked and started to feel a pressure to ‘look my best’ for the shoot next week. I noticed myself having an instant aversion to food and as soon as I noticed that I rang them up and cancelled. Good opportunity or not, I don’t want anything to do with something that could jeopardise my mental health and my recovery. 🙅‍♀️ I am still healing and I need to put myself and my own mental health first, forever and always. I will not allow anyone to assess me on what I look like because it is not what true beauty is and not what I believe in. 👐 Maybe one day someone will want to shoot with me in terms of body positivity and my message but until then, NOT interested 🙅‍♀️ Put your mental health first. 💖

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I’m so proud that your all still here 💕

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