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This week’s first community pick comes from Kerry, who writes the Mummy Thomas’ Blog.  After some of my own recent posts, where I’ve talked about triggers, I found it insightful to read her own take on dealing with triggers, flashbacks and the anxiety that follows it.  In this post, she covers what potential triggers can be but she also talks about how we can deal with those triggers.  It’s a really insightful post that has helped me develop more of an understanding of triggers themselves!

Next up, we have a post from Brittany, who talks about Chester Bennington and the aftermath of his death.  In that post, she talks about how she has difficulty coping with his death and how difficult it can be living as an empath.  Needless to say, I can relate to the latter.  Moreover, she then takes an interesting turn and talks about One More Light and then about perspective.  I bet you won’t see what’s coming!  Check it out!

Last but by no means least, we have a post from Zoe, asking a very pertinent question: How Do I Explain My Mental Health?  It’s something that most of us struggle with, not knowing how to explain things.  In this post, Zoe offers a wonderful explanation of her own mental health, breaking down some of the usual stereotypes and stigmas involved as well.  I’d highly recommend you check this out!

Our sponsored post comes from Shirley Davis, one of our patrons.  In her latest post, she calls for therapists to reexamine their thoughts on their clients’ ability to get well.  Therapists’ motivations have frequently come into question, as some people believe therapists are only in it to make money.  Shirley argues that therapists should believe that their clients can get better, otherwise their clients might never excel.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

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